Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 3

So yesterday when I was driving to work, the fucker calls me. I was so surprised. But I didn't answer the phone with a "hello?" . Instead, I said, "Are you serious?" He says, "You have my laundry basket, I'd like it back." Instead of refusing to giving to him because I don't want to see him, I told him I'd drop it off in front of his house. "I'm not sure when. I'm on my way to work right now." "That's fine" he says. Then, hangs up. What a child! I asked my guy friend what the fuck that phone call was about and he says, "You women read into things so much. He's just being a dick. Don't go out of your way with him. Tell him you'll have it in front of your doorstep and he can pick it up." I suppose I could do that but wouldn't that be pissing him off, and then a whole drama scene can ensue. Because I know it's not just about the fucking laundry basket. You can buy a new one at Target. Later on at work he texts me saying I have his tupperware too. My auntie said he was a loser.

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